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About us

On a cold and stormy day in early 2005, Susan Davis, a pharmacy student was returning home after an Organic Chemistry test. Her home was being remodeled while they lived in it, making the prospect of walking through the door less than welcoming. She needed CHOCOLATE!

As she imagined the perfect location where she could find and enjoy the healing properties of chocolate, a vision began to develop. She imagines a restorative environment in which people could relax and rejoice. The cozy place would be abundantly stocked with healing chocolate from every chocolate producing continent of the world!

People would enjoy European Drinking Chocolate (iced or steaming) while reveling in the rich music originating in the Lands of Chocolate. People would be refreshed and restored as they enjoyed the restorative properties imparted by the world's most loved food - Chocolate.

The next day, as Susan shared her vision with her classmates, the Chocolate Apothecary was born - a chocolate pharmacy in old world tradition would be created, emanating the charm, beauty, atmosphere and, most importantly, a nearly inexhaustible variety of chocolate - the world's strongest medicine!

A certain solution for virtually all maladies experienced by mortals - a necessary component for all celebrations - chocolate is a magical substance bringing squeals of delight from children, expressions of affection from lovers and shining eyes and hugs from the wise and experienced.

Welcome to a wonderful experience ... Chocolate Apothecary

Chocolate in our Culture 

Chocolate Apothecary is an amalgamation of the 1600's Chocolate House in Europe colliding with the Apothecary of the same era... learn more.


The cornerstone of the Chocolate Apothecary Franchising, LLC business philosophy is combining the gourmet chocolate café with chocolate offering from around the world, in a creative, relaxing atmosphere to which locals and tourists will be drawn. When Chocolate Apothecary Franchising, LLC puts its name to a franchise location, customers and employees know they will experience the essence of Chocolate.

Our owners and staff relate to customers as friends who are searching for the comfortable and the surreal. Chocolate Apothecary offers Artisan Chocolates in a setting that enhances its medicinal properties. Customers will return time and time again. Loyal customers build great businesses.

Learn more about Franchising.

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